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Village Robot

Creating innovative learning spaces, programmes and communities.

Learning Spaces

We design transformative learning spaces. We specialise in makerspaces, learning labs, STEAM labs, exhibitions & community hubs.

Learning Programmes

We create innovative learning programmes based on learner's passions using empowering technologies and contemporary learning methods.

Learning Communities

We develop global learning networks and communities. We provide workshops & professional development for teachers, staff and the community.

Matt introduced us to an international learning community and showed us a new way of looking at technology. He helped us develop a global perspective and build our school capacity for a digital design curriculum. Matt has a wide range of invaluable contacts, an outstanding grasp of technologies, wisdom
and vision.

Matt has really contributed to Te Papa in an extraordinary way. He has helped us create an entirely new approach to our museum education programmes driving a culture of change and innovation. Matt is very much at the forefront of new thinking in education and is able to quickly capitalise on new opportunities.

Matt supported the establishment of Te Pae Tata and his on-going support to mentor Te Pae Tata staff is truly valued. He is an exceptional leader in innovation, education and digital technology exhibited through his creativity, workshop delivery, experience and dynamic teaching style. Te Pae Tata is very grateful to call Matt our whānau.

Village Robot empowers communities with learning and technology and makes our world a better place as a result. We are educators, creatives, life-long learners, technologists and learning space makers. We design and create library makerspaces, museum learning labs, school STEAM centres, exhibition social learning spaces and connected community hubs.  We design, create and facilitate transformative learning programmes, professional development sessions and workshops for people of all ages and interests. Village Robot inspires and connects people and helps build global communities of learning. 

Matt Richards

Founder & Chief Consultant
Village Robot


New Zealand


Email:         Phone: +64 204 777 808